Congress | Climate Change Science Action Update

GreenBeings| We missed this Wall Street Journal article Climate-Change Group IPCC Moves to Fix Crisis Damage. Although Dr Jeffrey Sachs specifically and advocates who insist that the IPCC data is unbiased and scientifically sound, are broadcasting a message that the WSJ is working to undermine environmental causes, we find this article relevant.

In our own experience of extensive writing on this subject, I’m also not convinced that the IPCC is a primarily scientific organization. Clearly, it’s political and passionately motivated on behalf of climate change action, which wasn’t its original mandate.

As a counter argument to the journal article, we share Al Gore’s opinion piece from the weekend NYTimes: We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change. Reading the piece I found Mr. Gore ‘out of the loop’ on Congressional actions on global warming. He writes:

The pathway to success is still open, though it tracks the outer boundary of what we are capable of doing. It begins with a choice by the United States to pass a law establishing a cost for global warming pollution. The House of Representatives has already passed legislation, with some Republican support, to take the first halting steps for pricing greenhouse gas emissions.

Later this week, Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman are expected to present for consideration similar cap-and-trade legislation. via NYTimes

Reality is that Democratic Rep. Ike Skelton of MIssouri has introduced a new House resolution blocking the federal government’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases. via Politico

As we reported several times, the expectation is that the new John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman bill will not be a broad sweeping demand for environmental ation but rather a sector-focused proposal.

Nor will the initiative create a new carbon-trading financial syndicate, as hope for by Wall Street. Under proposed new approaches, any revenue on carbon taxes will go back to the people, not traders. See today’s  update from Carbon Positive.

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