Clinton|Rice vs Obama|Gration: Which Way for Sudan?

HopeTracker| Sudan watchers are afraid that the Obama administration doesn’t have a clear strategy for dealing with Sudan’s autonomous South, which in January 2011 will hold a referendum on whether to remain part of a unified country.

Deep divisions between senior officials — especially Scott Gration, the special envoy, and Susan Rice, the U.N. ambassador — on how best to handle Khartoum, sources said. Gration is said to be big on carrots — a position called naive by the Washington Post — while Rice prefers sticks.

Foreign Policy writer Josh Rogin says that Gration is driving the policy directly with the Obama Administration, while Hillary Clinton waits in the wings. Other writers earlier cast Secy Clinton out of the discussions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and even the Middle East. Stay tuned. Somehow, she always managed to turn up at the front of the bus. via Foreign Policy