Cindy Crawford and Her Robotic Friend

We could tell you that Cindy Crawford is the inspiration behind Roxxxy the Perfect Partner Sex Robot that even has orgasms, but that would be a deception.

Cindy Crawford rocks as one of our favorite WOT (Women Over 30) and all-time Yummy Mummys and she’s never been anywhere near Roxxxy the sex robot, except in our back-to-back posts on these two femme fatales.

This photo of Cindy — in keeping with this week’s techno sex focus — is from 2009. Our Body|Beauty|Sex fashion editorial delivers Cindy Crawford in this month’s Harper’s UK.

As for the robotic connection, Cindy is followed in Body|Beauty|Sex by Roxxxy, a sex robot who made her debut in Las Vegas last month. We’ve tracked the evolution of sex robots for years now and truly do believe that they are the answer to women’s prayers.

Men will also rejoice, but women should be ecstatic. Sorry … men’s first prayer is that women were more interested in sex. But if that’s not possible, then a sex robot like Roxxy who has REAL orgasms and even makes noises, when you touch her could be the next big thing in men’s lives.

Presently, Roxxxy doesn’t do the laundry or run to the dry cleaner. When that day comes, watch out women of the world. We ladies think we have the upper hand in the 21st century, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Anne