Christy Turlington's 'Wonder Woman' Smart Sensuality Supermodel Status

‘Wonder Woman’ Christy Turlington | W Magazine July 1997 | Michael Thompson Anne of Carversville

Private Studio| Part of our 2011 Old Ladies Rebellion focus requires us to focus on the great Supermodels, with a capital ‘S’. Based on Internet searches today, any girl who has two modeling gigs suddenly becomes a Supermodel.

Call it another form of American grade inflation. Not all Supermodels are Smart Sensuality women, although most insist they’re trying. A generous heart and commitment to the world’s women is a prerequisite for Smart Sensuality status.

Cindy Crawford has said repeatedly that all the Supermodel greats would be too fat to model today.

Inspired by the inroads made by Lara Stone and Crystal Renn, we will RedTracking our way into the annals of history, visually underscoring just how ‘powerless’ the beauty image of women has become in the last decade, compared to the 90s women.

Looking ‘fierce’ with scowling eyebrows is no substitute for being fit and able to kick butt where needed.

Anne argues that the women of the 90s were just too potent for some fashion designers to handle. So into the archives we go, with a backup of key AOC articles on Christy Turlington’s philanthropy and maternal health care initiatives. Christy’s iconic model status isn’t the biggest reason why we should love her. Read on in Private Studio