Chris Matthews | Why Will a 'Guy', Not a 'Gal' Invent the Next Sputnik?

RedTracker| Hey, Matthews. Why is it a guy who will invent the next Sputnik? That’s what you just said on Hardball. Guy is the only word in your patriarchal, man-world vocabulary. You just said: “We need a guy to invent the next Sputnik.”

I am up to my Sarah Palin, caribou-shooting, disgusted eyeballs with the language of men on television.

Chris Matthews on MSNBC; John King on CNN. Their world is all guys. Guys, guys, guys. guys. The pronoun ‘she’ does not exist in their vocabularies. TIME magazine asks 3 women and 13 guys if America has lost its civility when a vast majority of men have created this mess.

Could we not cough up an extra woman or two? Is it so damn difficult?

The guys will fix America, says Chris Matthews, while the little ladies do as we are told. If you think liberal, Democratic men are de facto more supportive of women leaders, think again. Most liberal men in America are the same hard-asses as the conservative men they critique, when the subject is the existence of women as thinking beings.

Pretty soon, I will launch an Anne of Carversville initiative to monitor how many times the liberal media and supposedly neutral sources like CNN’s John King say “guy, man, the boys, he “… I am so sick of the female pronoun not existing in American media.

As a second-wave feminist watching countless women in other countries trounce American women in our rights — which we are losing chip by chip, while they move forward significantly — I’m tired of only blaming the Mama Grizzlies and conservatives for the state of women’s affairs in America.

It’s true that we’ve got conservatives and the Constitution to deal with. I know that white men are had all the God-given rights and God’s dominion over women, Indians, slaves and all animals when the country was founded.

In 2011 we have a Congress and state legislatures in which women have made almost no progress, compared to women in other countries. American women are going backwards in fact. Men rule America.

Lastly, we have liberal men like Chris Matthews, many of whom have no sense that women exist as thinking beings and make no effort to attract women viewers. If you’re a young woman watching Chris Matthews, why would you even go to college?

Chris Matthews and John King, I’m tired of yelling at my TV screen. John King, I’ve turned CNN off for your “guys, guys, guys” to go back to Matthews, who is now driving me crazy again with his guys-only language.

Fine then, I’ll just turn off the TV because I am not listening to this drivel any more.

If Warren Buffett, Jack Welch and Bill Gates can include women in their language naturally, so can you, Chris Matthews and John King!

I would cite David Brooks in my memo, too, but he really cleaned up his language act after my last rant. Thank you, David. I really enjoy listening to your ideas and it’s much easier on my ears, now that the pronoun she exists in your language.

Once aware of the issue, David Brooks has easily transitioned to a language more language neutral like the words of Gates, Buffett and Welch. I know he’s probably called pussy-whipped, but I admire David’s self-growth.

America is actually the most patriarchal developed country on the planet, and liberal men are right in bed with conservatives when the subject is advancing American women, even through the small gesture of including women in their language in mainstream media.

Sorry guys, it’s a disgusting and pathetic situation here in America 50 years later! I say “for shame”.

And I acknowledge the fact that at the end of the day. enlightened conservative Republican men appreciate me far more than men like Chris Matthews and always have. Very weird for a woman with my passion and ideas.  Anne

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