Chocolate Pleasures at Bvlgari Hotel in Milan

If you’re dreaming of a chocolate Christmas in Italy, then what better place to see your dreams come true than hanging out with maitre chocolatier Miura Naoki, who will be running the Cioccolato workshop at the Bvlgari Hotel in Milan.

There will be a daily chocolate tasting at 5 pm tea, served near the Bvlgari Hotel fireplace in the hotel lobby.

Chocolate is a divinely sinful passion at Anne of Carversville. Read on.

We don’t have to explain to the Italians about the sexy health benefits of chocolate. They wrote the book on eating bonbons in bed, although the French are equally vocal about claiming the honor.

You just might be surprised about the growing body of research that documents not only chocolate’s aphrodisiac properties, but its health benefits, too. Frequently the two are inseparable. Good circulation in our heart is good circulation in sex organs.   Tag chocolate

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