Chinese Philanthropist Chen Guangbiao Joins Gates | Buffett 'The Giving Pledge'

Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao has joined The Giving PledgeGivingTracker| Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffett screw up in the communications department. Word is that the duo will issue a clarification on their proposed charity event, detailing why they’ve invited Chinese billionaires to a private event later this month.

Bloomberg reports that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Zhang Jing, representing the Beijing office, said yesterday:

“Our biggest intention for this month’s China trip is to learn how to do philanthropy in China,” Zhang said. “We would like to learn how to propel the charity business in such a big developing nation.”

Press reports are that worried wealthy Chinese businessmen are fearful that they will be required to pledge half their wealth over Peking Duck. Sending a different message is China’s most active philanthropist Chen Guangbiao, who has joined The Giving Pledge. Read on in Philanthro-Activists.