Chinese Mushroom Extract Effective in Treating Invasive Breast Cancer

RedTracker| We missed some previously published information about not only green tea but also mushrooms reducing the risk of breast cancer. Published in March 2009, an Australian study confirmed that among 2,000 Chinese women, those who ate fresh and dried mushrooms daily had significantly lower rates of breast cancer. Those who also drank green tea lowered their breast cancer rates even further. via redOrbit

In an unrelated post, dated May 2008, we note that scientists in the U.S. have discovered that a substance derived from mushrooms and used for centuries in Chinese medicine may stop the growth of breast cancer cells.

The scientists from the Methodist Research Institute in Indianapolis say in laboratory tests carried out on highly invasive human breast cancer cells, the mushroom appeared to block an enzyme called AKT which is known to control signals that prompt cell growth. via News-Medical