China & &US | Superpower Climate Change Negotations?

china america primary pollutersGlobal warming painting by Kenneth F AunchmanGreenTracker| US Energy Secretary Steven Chu proposes a fundamental and provocative look proposal of how the US could look at climate change. Rather than tacking the drama-ridden, politicised, international global stage — as we watched in Copenhagen — Chu argues that two countries can take a major step forward in reducing carbon emissions on the planet.

China has surpasses the US in being the world’s largest carbon emitter, making products for the world’s second-largest carbon polluter — America. Chu argues that if the US and China, who together produce 40 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, get together they could functionally improve the problem in dramatic ways. If the two countries can unite, then other countries will fall their lead.

With all the new Euro currency problems and the emerging downsides of being governed by multi-country currency agreements in Europe, this streamlined approach to climate change negotiations is novel in its simplicity and also significantly less grounded in empty-headed speechmaking.

After watching developing countries delegates in Copenhagen threaten to slit their wrists on international TV, this pragmatic approach to climate change negotations is appealing. via Wired