Chili Peppers Show Promise In Reducing Blood Pressure Long-Term

RoseTracker| Researchers know that fiery peppers and spicy foods increase circulation by relaxing blood vessels. Chinese researchers believe that chili peppers can help lower blood pressure.

The ingredient capsaicin works by activating a receptor channel found in the lining of blood vessels. This leads to a rise in production of nitric oxide, a gaseous molecule known to protect blood vessels against inflammation and dysfunction. The Chinese study is the first one to study the long-term reduction of high blood pressure in rats.

Researchers aren’t certain how many chili peppers are required for the desired effect, but they note that 20 percent of people in southern China experience high blood pressure vs 10-14 percent in southwestern China, where the food is spicier. In New York Chinese restaurant terms, the contrast is between Cantonese and Szechuan food.via Daily Mail

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