Chilean President Piñera Vows To Continue Child Education

GlobePants| SEBASTIÁN PIÑERA, a business tycoon representing a centre-right party, is the new president of Chile. On Sunday January 17th Mr Piñera won 51.6% of the vote, defeating Eduardo Frei, candidate of the ruling centre-left Concertación coalition. The Piñera victory brings the right to power in Chile for the first time since the restoration of democracy after General Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship of 1973-90 and heads the country’s first elected right-wing government since the late 1950s. He will take office in March and serve as president for four years.

Piñera promises to continue the childhood education initiatives started by his predecessor Michelle Bachlet and promoted by Shakira, who won’t be leaving office. We will track her influence and that of ALAS with Chile’s new president.

Shakira’s ALAS Signs Agreement for Universal Education in Latin America by 2021