Chicxulub, Mexico Asteroid | Dinosaur Extinction

Green Beings| A large group of scientists have reviewed 20 years of scientific literature and concluded absolutely, positively that a large asteroid hit Mexico,  wiping out the dinosaurs. Controversy has surrounded the claim for years, but researchers say the subject is now closed after the panel of 41 scientists worked through all the data.

More information about this story in Giant Asteroid Caused Dinosaur Extinction.

I recently watched a show about an asteroid hitting Sodom & Gomorrah, explaining Biblical references to God’s wrath on the city. Unclear whether religious scholars believe God sent the asteroid or whether they deny the FOX News-confirmed story about dating the Planisphere tablet to the asteroid event, I find the science behind tracking these archaelogical events absolutely dazzling.

We feature an informative Discovery Channel video in From Sodom & Gomorrah to Mexico | Asteroids in Action showing what happens to the Earth after an asteroid hits the earth. Anne