Charlize Theron's Big Kiss for Charity

GivingTracker| Charlize Theron rewrote the charity auction book at a recent ONEXONE event, raising $140,000 with a single 20-second kiss. This bit of centrepreneurial thinking erupted from Theron’s mouth when her trip to South Africa, World Cup soccer tickets and meeting with Nelson Mandela only brought in $37,000.

If Charlize’s offer of a 20-second onscreen-worthy kiss was the first surprise, the second was the winning bidder. In a resounding defense of the argument that blonds have more fun, a still unidentified woman outbid the $130,000 offer from a man in the audience.

The two women then proceeded to give the world their money’s worth, and presumably brought untold PR to the ONEXONE charity, devoted to helping kids worldwide. Anne

For more details and ONEXONE link: Charlize Theron’s Big-Time Charity Women Kiss GivingTracker

Here’s the two women in action: