Chansa Kabwela Needs Lubna's International Arms Agents in Zambia

RedTracker| Trust me, we’re not abandoning the women of Sudan, but Chansa Kabwela needs a big hand in Zambia. I completely forgot that she was back in court on Aug. 28.

I wrote about Chansa Kabwela’s absurd court case in Zambia on Aug. 19. Read the details: Chansa Kabwela Porn Trial in Zambia Will Reconvene on Aug. 28.

Anne of Carversville wants to help Chansa Kabwela convince Zambian president Rupiah Banda that childbirth is not pornography.The Chansa Kabwela case is even more absurd than Lubna’s.

Chansa Kabwela is facing jail — not for printing photos of a dead baby being born during a hospital strike — but for delivering the photos to government authorities, out of her concern for the medical situation.

Chansa Kabwela was trying to save dying children by working within the system, and instead, she’s hauled into court on pornography charges. 

You are reading my word correctly, absurd as they seem.

Zambian president Rupiah Banda, denounced the photos of the baby being born as pornography and demanded a police investigation. Kabwela, a 29-year-old mother of two, is now on trial, facing five years in jail.

Childbirth Is Not Obscene

We women all know that many men faint as the sight of women’s blood, but calling photos of a baby dying “pornographic” is a sign of a very twisted, presidential mind.

The National Post editor is right: Chansa Kabwela needs support from Lubna’s International Arms Agents. Welshcakes Limoncello, Earwicga, Arild. Let’s go. Anne

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