Canadian Journalist Gravely Wounded in Thailand

France 24 Nelson Rand gravely wounded in ThailandCanadian journalist Nelson Rand is one of three journalists hurt today during clashes in Bangkok. Rand, reporting for France 24, is “gravely wounded”, according to AP. Rand’s colleague Cyril Payen reported for France 24:

“I’ve just come out of the hospital where I spoke to the surgeon.”

“It has been confirmed he was hit by three bullets. One hit his leg, one his torso and another his wrist, which has multiple fractures. The doctors say his condition is now stable but that he was gravely wounded.”

Yesterday’s news focused on Gen. Khattiya Sawatdiphol, who is allied with the red shirt protesters, taking a bullet in the head, during closing comments of a group interview with leading international media.

NYTimes reporter Thomas Fuller stayed behind as the group broke up, asking one last question of Gen. Sawatdiphol when the bullet struck him.