Can Oprah Really Make O-Power for Discovery?

RedTracker| With a deal vastly different that the one she had as an investor at Oxygen, Oprah moves now to rebuild Discovery Health in her own vision of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Rather than starting a channel from scratch, Oprah inherits a ready-made infrastructure and access to Discovery Health’s 75 million cable subscribers. She has “complete creative control” and the challenge of nurturing people’s curiosity, inspiring them to think outside their familiar world.

Oprah says that she’s in the “what’s next” phase of her career. After years of listening to people’s problems, Oprah says she’s about change.  Reading the NYMagazine article in its entirety, Oprah’s OWN network suffers from delays, massive management problems, perhaps an identity crisis, and the biggest wild card of all: what exactly is Oprah’s connection to the network that bears her name? This article is an excellent read for Oprah watchers, whether business women or fans. Welll written, Oprah doesn’t appear as quite the dazzling femme some have viewed her prevously. Read on: Can Oprah the Channel Succeed Without Oprah the Talk-Show Star? via NYMagazine