Calm Down Cougars | There's More to the Mortality Tables

Body|Beauty|Culture Bombarded with medical research about all the bad things women do to ourselves in life, adventurous females were pretty shaken up yesterday, reading sex My toyboy hubby may shorten my life - but he makes this Cougar purr!

One quick-thinking New Yorker used it in a CL ad last night: “Sorry, Cougars: Boy Toys Hazardous to Your Health-” Intentionally or not, he quickly made the search engines, and we fell for it. He gets an A+ for clever, quick thinking.

Thankfully, thre’s more to the story, and the conclusion may be that marriage is bad for women’s health, not dating younger men. 

It wouldn’t be the first time the argument was made. Anne felt better reading Kiri Blakeley’s column in Forbes about the other half of the research conclusion. Marrying an older man can be just as bad for women. Read on in Body|Beauty|Culture.