Buffett Again Funds New Food Research for Small Farmers in Developing Countries

GivingTracker| The Howard G. Buffett Foundation has funded a $1.75 million research grant focused on how to develop sustainable food systems in poor countries. Buffett has increasingly changed his focus away from “green revolutions” that utilize high-tech GM science, to the reality that developing countries consist largely of small farmers.

For a variety of reasons, the agricultural revolution has not come to Africa, and India is now losing ground, too, in the ability to feed its population. Read on: Howard Buffett Foundation Funds New Agra Research for Developing Countries.

Vanguard reports that a new paper published last week in Science also addresses the lack of ‘intellectual commitment’ to the ubiquitous small-scale ‘mixed’ farmers. To date, the paper has no coverage in the established international press.

The analysis reports that small farms that combine crop and livestock production supply much of food staples of developing countries—41 percent of maize, 86 percent of rice and 74 percent of millet—and most of the meat and dairy products consumed in these regions as well.

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