Buckle Up | The Old Ladies Rebellion Is Launching In 2011

Body |Beauty | Culture The November 2010 issue of Vogue Italia reminds us that ‘No Body Is Perfect”, although Lily Donaldson’s, lensed by Corrine Day, looks pretty darn gorgeous to us.

Surrounded by young and beautiful bodies, the women of France, Italy and Brazil continue to celebrate their peak beauty well into their forties. Psychologically, they go down the other side of the beauty mountain slowly, in a beauty continuum of youth to aging women. 

American women believe we peak at about 28. As for maximum beauty in our forties? Forget it; we believe we’re all washed up, according to more than one study.

Anne writes today about this challenge for American women in particular, revisiting not only her theme of the need for an ‘old ladies rebellion’ in America and around the world, but giving us a taste of what’s coming in 2011.

We promise you that Anne of Carversville will shake up cyberspace in 2011.

On topics of beauty, aging, health and being sensual and superyoung, the good news for women will be spectacular. Self-discipline, self-love, and a belief in scientific facts are required.

Beyond that, you will fly high when we’re finished readjusting your self-image thermostat in the coming year. Below is Alex b, a woman in her sixties.  Read on Vogue Italia Declares ‘No Body Is Perfect’ | Old Ladies Rebellion Update.

Alex b, lensed by Elisabeth Jakobsen