Brown Helps Defeat Republican Filibuster Attempt on Jobs Bill

Harry Hamburg AP photoHopeTracker| In a 62-30 Senate vote to defeat a Republican desire to filibuster the severely scaled-back, ‘undeniably modest’ jobs bill, newly-elected Massachusetts senator Scott Brown joined fellow Republicans Maine senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, George Voinovich of Ohio and Christopher Bond of Missouri .

“I came to Washington to be an independent voice, to put politics aside and to do everything in my power to help create jobs for Massachusetts families,” said Brown, whose election last month gave Republicans the 41st vote that could sustain filibusters. “This Senate jobs bill is not perfect … but I voted for it because it contains measures that will help put people back to work.”

Reports say that most Republicans supported the filibuster on anti-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid grounds and will actually vote for the bill — which has enjoyed bipartisan support and could create 250,000 jobs — when it comes up for a vote tomorrow. via Washington Post