Brooklyn Decker | 'Hotter Than Hell' in Esquire, Spike TV & the Minds of Men

Body | Beauty | Culture Brooklyn Decker’s father set her straight on body image concerns, staging an “intervention” to stop her worrying about her weight.

The Brooklyn Decker PR will be intense, with her appearance on the cover of Esquire US, February 2011 — Decker is Esquire’s 2010 ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ — and the debut of her new movie ‘Just Go With It’, in which she costars with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

Brooklyn Decker is married to tennis star Andy Roddick and has a relationship with Victoria’s Secret. Decker has official Angel status and won the Spike TV “Guy’s Choice” awards as  “Hotter than Hell”.

Let us not spread a false rumor. Jennifer Aniston is going topless in ‘Wanderlust’. Dealing with Brooklyn Decker in “Sexiest Woman Alive”, we had to get our facts straight.