Brits Table Gender-Based Royal Succession Debate Until May 13

AP – FILE - Britain’s Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton at St. James’s Palace in London, Tuesday …RedTracker| Britain’s debate on Amending the Act of Succession, a move that would make Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first Royal Baby — male or female — the heir to the British throne will now be debated two weeks after the royal wedding on May 13.

This afternoon Labour MP Keith Vaz presented the House of Commons with a Ten Minute Rule Bill calling for the “removal of any distinction between the sexes in determining the succession to the throne.”

Downing Street weighed in, saying that changing the 309-year-old law would be a “difficult and complex matter” because Queen Elizabeth II is still head of state in 15 Commonwealth countries, and the changes would have to be made in all these countries.

“Absolute drivel,” said says Lord Jeffrey Archer, who introduced his own version of the bill in 1996. via MSNBC