Brits Admit They Have No Control Over Eating Huge Amounts of Food

Love to Eat| New research in Britain confirms a similar state of affairs in America. For all our talk about wellness and support of the diet industry, we humans refuse to say ‘no’ to food.

Four in five Britons admit they continue eating when full, saying that they are obliged to clean their plates. In a surprising bit of honest fessing-up to the truth, about 54 percent of women say they feed themselves and their kids man-size portions.

Wanting to get every bang for their buck, Britons admit that they will always biggie-size their portions or buy the whole meal — often adding 400 calores — because the add-ons are just too good a deal to refuse.

Bottom line, unlike the French and Italians, the Brits want to be fat and happy — if the two are connected. Otherwise, just fat.

Similar results appear on US surveys about our inability to say ‘no’ to food. In every case, more seems better. And that’s just the way it is. Finally Brits admit — and we believe the Americans would agree — that they have absolutely no control about the amount of food they put in their mouths. via Daily Mail