British Fathers Adamant About Need for More Family Time

RedTrackers| A major new study in Britain called “Work Life Balance: Working for Fathers?” confirms the fact that men’s lives and attitudes are changing.  More men than women in Dr Caroline Gatress’s study reject the idea that women should be primarily responsible for childcare.

The 1100 fathers expressed a desire to spend more time with their children and are happier doing housework with a wife working full-time. This survey is one of many that support the argument that men have probably made more changes in their attitudes and also time contributions to house and family, than women want to acknowledge.

In terms of total hours devoted to work, childcare and housework, the genders are in relative parity in America.

Yes, men spend more time working. But the mythology of dad hanging out with the boys after work, while mom holds the family fort together is a concept that women in many countries must reconsider.  Elsewhere in the world, the patriarchy remains in charge. Story via The Guardian

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