British Fashion Honors Joan Burstein | Mrs B of Browns

British fashion honored one of its star retailers this week — Mrs B, founder of Browns in London. Vogue UK has the story and terrific video of the must-stop store for the fashion conscious. Mrs B, aka Joan Burstein, lost her beloved husband and business partner in April 2010.

Even though her vision has established one of the truly great fashion boutiques on the planet, Mrs B isn’t materialistic by nature. “Once we had money Sidney used to say to me, ‘what would you like, we can buy you something, you can have anything you like’,” she said. “But I wasn’t into jewels, I wasn’t into furs. After what we’d been through, I didn’t want possessions as such.”

Earlier this year, Browns celebrated 40 years of fashion with a major exhibition in London.

Browns Fashion Exhibition, May 2010

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