Britain Saves Millions of Women's Lives Distributing Condoms Worldwide

Behind the Veil| The Catholic Church despises condoms and disavows them everywhere in the world. Promoting condom usage will cause the local Catholic bishops to demand your firing. This moment the Catholic bishops are demanding the dismissal of Philippine health minister and Harvard-trained cardiologist Esperanza Cabral, for distributing condoms on Valentine’s Day.

While America devoted eight years to stopping any international aid program, including all UN programs that provided any sexuality-related message except abstinence, England has become the largest provider of condoms in the world.

Not only do the Brits hold their heads high over their involvement in supplying condoms to poor women, they agree fervently with reliable international health statistics, that their beliefs and morals have saved millions of women worldwide.

Brits define ‘life’ differently than the Catholic Church. Brits value the woman, while Catholic bishops value the possible fertilization of an egg. The woman counts for little among Catholics, unless she can persuade her AIDS-infected husband to practice abstinence. 

Just today US Rep Stupak referred to the pregnant woman as “a womb with an occupant”. Read on about the British who are committed to keeping women worldwide alive: Condoms: Lie back and think of England via London Times