Britain Resumes Its Love Affair with Ghost Orchids

GreenTracker| In a superbly sexy little story out of England, the ‘extinct’ ghost orchid has reappeared, thanks to the relentless pursuit of her suitor Mark Jannik, owner of a motorbike company in Malvern, Worcestershire. Mr. Jannick never gave up hopes of finding his love, and he succeeded in finding her.

When an orchid has enjoyed the fame and fortune, including Meryl Streep starring in a movie made in her honor, we’re not surprised that the ghost orchid, who presumably loves being the center of attention, has made another appearance in England. The world’s most ardent horticulturalists so adore the ghost orchid, with rapture filling the florrid dreams and perhaps even the marital beds of British botanists. Read on for the story and movie trailer of the elusive ghost orchid.