Britain Concludes New Climate Research Affirms Global Warming

GreenTracker| The BBC reports that a new review of 110 climate change research studies reveals that the Earth is changing rapidly, ‘probably as a result of greenhouse gases’. The analysis, which began a year ago by Britain’s Met Office, was published in the Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Climate Change Journal.

The study, which looks at research published since the 2007 IPCC’s report in a wide range of disciplines, found that changes in Arctic sea ice, atmospheric moisture, saltiness of parts of the Atlantic Ocean and temperature changes in the Antarctic are consistent with human influence on our climate.

“What this study shows is that the evidence has strengthened for human influence on climate and we know that because we’ve looked at evidence across the climate system and what this shows very clearly is a consistent picture of a warming world,” said Dr Peter Stott, head of the Met UK study . via BBC News