Brigette's Circulation Increases with Real-Women Models

Original Dove ‘real’ women photographyBody Politics|Brigette, the fashion magazine determined to use ‘real’ women as models, has debuted their third edition with a sales gain of 6.4 percent on 790,000 copies. Dove has supported their courage with a five-page ad layout.

Today’s London Times reminds us of a few facts about the relationship of German women with fashion. Germany is probably the least fashion-conscious country in Europe. Beyond the streets of Berlin and Hamburg to a lesser extent, German women could care less about fashion.

Brigette isn’t saying money with by using ‘real’ women, who don’t know how to pose in front of the camera. Shoots take longer. And some critics point out that in using ‘real’ women, Brigette isn’t using plus-size women. The good news is that even the good-looking 30 year-old has a wrinkle or two. Perish the thought. via London Times