Breform System Surgery Lifts Breasts 'Permanently'

Body | Beauty| Sexy Many women talk about saggy and shapeless aging breasts. Perhaps from weight loss, nursing, or just ‘existing’ many women won’t go braless, wear bikins or strappy tops because they no longer have ‘perky’ breasts.

Breast surgery is often a solution, but uplights only hold breasts in place with a woman’s skin.

The Internal Bra System, a breast-lift operation pioneed in South Africa, promises to change the experience of long-term breast enhancement results.

The new system uses a mesh-like material called Breform, to support the new shape, removing strain off the scars and a woman’s skin. Once inserted, the body produces it’s own tissue, holding the structure in place, like a permanent bra under the skin. 600 procedures have been carried out worldwide. See gallery Before and After photos.