Breakthough Imaging of Human Brain In Stunning Detail

RoseTracker| In our bogged down world, it’s easy to forget the complexity of the human mind. For certain, brain science is our favorite topic after human sexuality. Consider the reality that state of the art imaging systems have allowed Stanford University School of Medicine researchers to locate and count the myriad connections between nerve cells in mouse brains.

Unable to speak for mice; let’s switch to the human brain.

The living breathing ‘thinking machine’ that we take for granted is this complex: 200 billion nerve cells or nurons, linked via hundreds of trillions of tiny contacts called synapses. One neuron may make as many as tens of thousands of synaptic contacts with other neurons. Breathtaking!

Massive computing power now allows researchers to grasp individual connections. By working with specialized flourescent molecules that bind to different proteins and glow in different colors, the massive computers convert this information to digital imaging.

With a current knowledge and respect of the brain’s complexity, we are simply overwhelmed reading this Science Daily update on this technology breakthrough brain science. We will cry or say ‘awesome’. And you?