Brazil Cracks Down On Biopiracy in Amazon Rainforest

Nuala Ahern with German colleague Friedrich Wolf MEP protesting against biopiracy during the Biopatenting debate in Strasbourg.GlobeTracker| Brazil says that it will enforce a crackdown on companies that patent products made from rare plants and animals found in the Amazon rain forest, without adequately compensating the South American countr or its indigenous communities.

Corporations have a loose record of compensation, believe that nature’s bounty belong to them and they are not guilty of biopiracy. Pharmaceutical companies also argue that government regulation will slow down the process of developing important new life-saving drugs.via Science Daily

This year Brazil’s government launched a campaign known as “Operation New Direction” that cracks down on what it calls big phama ‘profiteering’.

Looking for an image for this article, we just met a most interesting Irish woman Nuala Ahern, a politician and activist with a long history of work in ‘eco psychology’ or ‘green psychology’.