Brain's Auditory Neurons More Chaotic than Visual Neurons

RedTracker| Auditory brain neurons function in a much more chaotic way than visual ones.

“The organization of the cortex does not look as pretty as it does in the textbooks,” says Dr. Kanold. “Things are a lot messier than expected.” Images above: The left shows thousands of dye-loaded cells in the mouse auditory cortex over a large area. The right shows the preferred frequency of many cells, and shows that neighboring cells can have dramatically different frequency preference.

This knowledge changes basic assumptions about how the brain operates in hearing, vs seeing. When hearing, there’s a strong level of individuality, perhaps because our acoustic environment changes much more frequently and randomly than our visual one. To make meaning of all the new sounds, we don’t control as humans, our brains must be more flexible and adaptable and are therefore more ‘chaotic’ in their organization. via Science Daily