BPA Interrupts Male Sex Hormones in Large Human Study

RoseTracker| An international group of researchers led by the Peninsula Medical School and the University of Exeter have identified changes in male sex hormones associated with exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) in a study of 715 men ages 20-74. Researchers have previously identified a disruption of sex hormones in lab animals, due to BPA. This is the first study to suggest an interruption of human sex hormones, resulting from “background” exposure, meaning the plastic bottles are just part of human environment. via Science Daily

BPA has never been tested in the human body. Several countries, including Denmark and Canada, have already banned BPA in baby bottles and are moving for a total BPA ban. Local communities have banned BPA in Minnesota, Chicago and Connecticut. France is also considering a ban on BPA in baby bottles, arguing in a bill presented in July 2009:

“Certain studies have demonstrated the chemical acts as an endocrine disruptor and have even established links between BPA and prostate and breast cancer, obesity, diabetes and thyroid dysfunctions, as well as behavioural and reproductive problems”, said the bill proposal which was laid before the Senate on 27 July, 2009. via Food Quality News

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