Boycott Backlash Looms Big for Arizona

boycott arizona over immigrationHopeTracker| Do not go west young man. An Arizona boycott is underway. On Tuesday, seven members of the Los Angeles City Council signed a proposal for a boycott, calling for the city to “refrain from conducting business” or participating in conventions in Arizona. Democratic California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg demanded that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger do everything “legally possible” to sever the state’s economic ties with Arizona.

Immigration activists are calling on baseball fans to boycott Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games.

Reuters reports that The Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association said six organizations had canceled conventions in the state. Cancellations include the 11,000-member Immigration Lawyers Association, which had planned to hold its annual fall meeting in Scottsdale.

While US Attorney Eric Holder decides whether or not to sue the state of Arizona over its new immigration legislation, an economic boycott of the state is heating up. Proponents of the law counter that this move will hurt Mexicans living in Arizona legally, if jobs are lost.