Boredom Linked to Early Death

via Flickr’s osvaldo ZoomDolceTracker| Being bored isn’t good for your health. In fact you may die a premature death.

Boredom isn’t a single factor in heart attack but rather more symptomatic of an attitude about living, one we will call a lack of dolce vita or joie de vivre, a place of existence there one no longer has an interest in learning, sensing, enjoying, exercising, loving, enjoying good food and a host of other activities that keep us well.

Annie Britton and Martin Shipley of University College London analyzed questionnaires completed between 1985 and 1988 by more than 7,500 London civil servants ages 35 to 55. The civil servants were asked if they had felt bored at work during the previous month.

The researchers then tracked down how many of the study participants had died by April 2009. The results were that those who reported being very bored were two and a half times more likely to die of heart problems than those who weren’t bored.  Read on Associated Press