Boobquake vs Brainiac Chases Wrong Villains

Body|Beauty|Sexy One of the unfortunate stories in the international (and American) women’s movement is that the patriarchy plays divide and conquer, so that women end up arguing with each other. In a small way, this happened between the Boobquake and Brainquake women yesterday, when women took on the irrational comments of Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, who said the women’s immodesty causes earthquakes.

Women worldwide were speechless. We agree with the argument that excessive sexualization of culture is a problem. But it’s not the reason for earthquakes. We also believe that the patriarchal morality police — especially fundamentalist religions including Christianity — have done far more harm to the planet and its people than immodest women could every achieve. We’d like Muslim women to take this monkey off the back of Western women, and let’s all row together against the real villains here. It’s not other women. If we wore nuns habits or burqas, Iranian women would be in the same tug boat following the ocean liner.  Anne