Body's Fat Absorption Dial Tunes Up As Energy Levels Drop

Love to Eat| Researchers believe that significant new learnings in the obesity battle. Reported in the January issue of Cell Metabolism, researchers zero in on what they say is a “critical tuning dial for controlling whole body energy”.

When energy levels drop in cells, the human body adjusts the amount of calorie-rich dietary fat the body will absorb. While an activated AMPK-SRC-2 pathway was critical for survival as humans evolved two thousand years ago, today the obesity epidemic demands that we find a way to turn it off. AMPK also drives appetite.

“Obesity is all about fat absorption and storage,” (Bert) O’Malley, (Baylor College of Medicine)  said. “If you could turn that down, you could have a major effect on a disease that is slowly killing the population.” He says his team is now conducting studies in search of SRC-2 inhibitors that might do exactly that. via Science Daily