Body to Body Networks Could Revolutonize Global Health Care

FutureTracker| In a breathtaking concept, members of the general public could form the backbone of powerful new mobile internet networks by carrying wearable sensors. Researchers at Queen’s Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology in Belfast are investigating how small sensors carried by members of the public, in items such as next generation smartphones, could communicate with each other to create potentially vast body-to-body networks.

“The availability of body-to-body networks could bring great social benefits, including significant healthcare improvements through the use of bodyworn sensors for the widespread, routine monitoring and treatment of illness away from medical centres. This could greatly reduce the current strain on health budgets and help make the Government’s vision of healthcare at home for the elderly a reality. via Science Daily

Yes, the concept has major traction among gamers and athletes. Add this new acronym BBN (body-to-body networks) to your future radar. Science is exploring very interesting technological territory. Anne listened to Grameen’s Dr. Yunus explain the possibilities of BBN for improvements in global maternal healthcare.