Blood on the Red Carpet | Award Shows As Combat Zones

HopeTracker| America is a country that goes to war over cupcakes.

That reality was front and center, reading the pre-Golden Globes piece Poparazzi | Red Carpet Warfare from the NYTimes.

Journalists  too, are at war, in the trenches fighting for the future of frills and fine-feathered female friends called actresses and celebrities.

The awards season is one of “ritual combat” and a series of “gladiatorial events” in which the journalist is seeking a scoop, a juicy lamb chop to share with readers and the celebrities are on a mission of self-promotion, while demanding privacy in their private lives.

“Each side comes to the brawl with its most sophisticated weaponry”.

On the celebrity team, that means a body armor of tight dresses, heels sharper than Ninja knives and crucially, extra protection over the heart. (Most actresses find it convenient to store that protection inside their brassiere, in the form of a chicken cutlet.)

The situation is one of estrangement and bondage “perfectly sumbolized by the velvet rope. As for the red carpet, it’s probably red “to soak up the blood.”

It is true that in America every day is a battle. We awake combat ready. Carpe diem!