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Does Blake Lively Bow To Fashion Fascism? Ask Rhonda Garelick AOC Body|Beauty|Culture

‘High fascism’ is not our term. It’s the title of Rhonda Garelick’s NYTimes Op Ed piece. Our trend term is Fashion Monasticism.

Reading WWD’s article about Blake Lively’s dinner party with Karl Lagerfeld, celebrating the launch of her new Mademoiselle bags campaign, we couldn’t avoid tying Garelick’s essay about fashion fascism, the John Galliano affair, Vichy France and Blake Lively’s statement that she bows down — on her knees maybe — in front of Karl Lagerfeld.

Lively asks “Who am I?” in the presence of Karl Lagerfeld. She sounds like Crystal Renn being Miss America in the Chanel Resort show in Cannes 2010.

Women can respect talented designers without minimizing their own relevance and identity. Trust me, the Supermodels from the 90’s didn’t bow down to these people. They stood tall in their ‘plus-size’ 4 and 6 Smart Sensuality bodies, one professional talent working with another professional talent.

Such women are rarely tolerated among fashion fascists. They had to be downsized.

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