Biomimicry: Sandcastle Worms Inspire Small-Bone Adhesive

Sandcastle worms provide biomimicry-inspired answers to researchers search for an adhesive suitable for mending small, broken bones in humans. via Flickr’s Ken-ichiGreenTracker| In a splendid example of biomimicry principles, scientists are developing a long-sought medical adhesive needed to repair the small bones shattered in battlefield injuries, car crashes and other accidents.

Doctors have treated broken bones with screws, pins, bolts and nails for decades.

These strategies are almost worthless in small, broken or fractured bones needing treatment.

Looking to nature for answers, researchers are focused on the natural glue secreted by sandcastle worms. They reported on the adhesive here today at the 238th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). via Science Daily

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