Bill Gates | Big Time Blogger

GivingTracker| HopeTracker Not only did our Smarty Pants guy Bill Gates join Twitter, with 350,000 followers already.

Gates is blogging. Welcome to The Gates Notes, a fascinating concept that could become rich territory for thinking and learning. Topics this moment in Bill’s Conversations zone which are exchanges between the global Mr. Fix It and qualified opionators on the subject:

What About Wind?

The Free Market and Energy Innovation

Some Thoughts on Capitalism and Philanthropy

Why Health Care Matters

Before leaving for Davos, Switzerland opening on Wed. the 27th, Gates spent the weekend at Sundance Film Festival. No — he wasn’t checking out chick flicks. A new documentary, “Waiting For Superman,” by director Davis Guggenheim (“An Inconvenient Truth”) looks at what Gates and Guggenheim say is a U.S. public school system in shambles. via ABC News