Being Obese at 20 Takes 8 Years Off Lifespan

RoseTracker| Men obese at age 20 have twice the risk of dying prematurely, says a longitudinal study of more than 5,000 military enlistees. Being overweight at age 20 had a constant effect on death as much as 60 years later.

Scientists concluded that the chance of death increased by 10 percent for each BMI point above the threshold for a healthy weight. The study’s conclusions factor out influences from smoking, birth and education with a sole focus on obesity.

In total, the obese at 20 group were likely to die eight years ahead of the non-obese. At a top level, the obese at 20 group remained obese throughout their lives. Only four percent developed obesity after 20, although these long-term stats are probably different today. Nor did the research investigate the long-term impact of being obese at 20 but losing the weight before 35 and 46, the followup ages in the study. via Daily Mail UK