Bees Able to Distinguish Human Faces

GreenTracker| Bees have never been regarded as man’s best friend, even i they can look deep into our eyes. And what do they see when staring into our faces? Giant flowers. Like most behavioral training in life, a reward is involved in the bee’s behavior. In this case, the prize was sugar.

Scientists published research that bees can ‘learn’ to distinguish between simple face-like images, at least when sugar was the prize.

The bees were shown five pairs of different images, where one image was always a face and the other a pattern of dots and dashes. Bees were always rewarded with sugar when they visited the face while nothing was offered by the non-face pattern. Having trained the bees that ‘face-like’ images gave them a reward, scientists next showed the bees a completely fresh pair of images that they had not seen before to see if the bees could pick out the face-like picture. Remarkably they did. The bees were able to learn the face images, not because they know what a face is but because they had learned the relative arrangement and order of the features. via Science Daily