Beauty Queen in Iraq Lingerie Model | No Kidding!

Beauty| Body| Sexy Normally we wouldn’t go for a ‘Combat Barbie’ Beauty Queen posting, but Katrina Hodge is the best a young woman can hope to be for herself and her country. Fearless on the ground in Iraq, Katrina inherited the Miss England crown after launching a modeling career with La Senza lingerie.

Most women would bask in her accomplishments and not rock the boat. Then again, British, Aussie, and New Zealand women can be so sassy. Canadian women are high potential but based on some stats are more like American women. 

Hodge decided to use her reputation and influence to change England’s swimsuit competition to an athletic one. Bravo Katrina Hodge. Perhaps we can borrow you for a stint in America. Read on in Body|Beauty|Sex ‘Combat Barbie’ Beauty Queen.