BBC Stars Shed Clothes for Cancer Research

Body|Beauty|Sexy In a highly personal decision that I’m making this morning, it’s my choice whether to share a photo of British BBC stars shedding clothes for Cancer Research in the UK. We’ve lost our ‘moderate search’ Google Image rating, an event costing us 50% of our traffic each day until I get this problem solved, with a direct appeal to Google. Google Images has a blog, where I can ask for a special review.

In an effort not to be accused of only showing off women on AOC, I’ll choose the photo of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ judge Bruno Tonioli posing nude, along with celebrities all over Britain, who are participating in the Give Up Clothes for Good campaign.

This was exactly my intention: to use sexy fashion photos, printed only in reputable industry magazines, to help build a base for charity projects that support women worldwide. Posting photos like this one either drew complaints to Google or got me in trouble for using the word ‘nude’ as a constant advisory of what readers were about to see.

While I try to reach an understanding with Google Images, you read on about the Give Up Clotes for Good campaign in the UK. Perhaps God is sending a sign here, a bit of help from the UK, for me to make my case that sexy people can do a lot to nelp the world’s women.

Thurs. I’ve decided not to make this a test case, so I censored the photos spread all over billboards in Britain. I need my Google rating restored. Anne