BBC News | US May Abstain from Any UN Security Council Vote Condemning Israel

Love| Peace BBC News is reporting that the US ‘may not veto UN resolution on Jerusalem’. Typically the US, one of five countries holding a veto, blocks any UN Security Council resolutions criticising Israel.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister, who is also the Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Al Thani was in Paris las week for an economic forum meeting. He asked a high-ranking American official if Washington would guarantee not to veto a UN Security Council resolution that was critical of Israel’s ongoing settlement construction in East Jerusalem.

The American official said that Washington would “seriously consider abstention”. An Egyptian official has also confirmed this understanding of America’s position on a future UN resolution. Anne

Note: The BBC says that George Mitchell was in Paris at the time this conversation supposedly took place. This moment there’s nothing more in Google on this subject. We will follow closely. With Passover beginning in Israel, there may be a delayed response.