Bangladesh Declares June 13 "Eve Teasing Protection Day"

Beyond the Veil | Authorities are so concerned about “Eve teasing” in Bangladesh that they’ve declared tomorrow June 13 “Eve Teasing Protection Day” and sent women undercover in playgrounds and other public places, to trap Eve teasers. 

Figures released by the Ain-O-Shalish Kendra (ASK) human rights organisation reveal that 14 girls and women have taken their own lives over the past four months across the country, as a direct result of insults directed at young women. 

The BBC News reports that young women are being stalked and disgraced at random by predatory men in Bangladesh. The result is that many young women don’t wish to go to school, resulting in an increase in the drop-out rate of female students. 

“Another negative manifestation of the problem is the tendency of parents to push underage daughters into early marriages so that they can escape Eve teasing. Parents think that if their daughter has a husband, they will be saved from the dangers,” says Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid. via BBC News