'Avatar' Pulled From 2D Screens in China| Confucius Commeth

ArtTracker| Golden Globe best picture ‘Avatar’ — the most successful movie of all time in China — has been yanked from 1,628 theaters 2-D this week, to make way for a biography of the ancient philosopher Confucius, starring Chow-Yun Fat.

We have no word on when or if ‘Avatar’ will return to to movie theaters.

David Wolf of Wolf Group Asia, a media consultancy based in Beijing, says appearances are deceiving, and that most foreign films get a 10-day run before being pulled. Traditionally, Chinese cultural films do run before Chinese New Year.

Losing the 2-D screens won’t be a fatal blow to “Avatar,” a studio executive said. The movie will remain on nearly 900 3-D screens, which have so far generated $49 million, or 64% of its total ticket sales. via LATimes